Individual Honours

Scholarships with Profesional Clubs

Jamal Lawrence – Cheltenham Town

Lee Marshall – Swidon Town

Niall Wellington – West Bromwich Albion


The following players have all played youth football with professional clubs Academies

Cheltenham Town

Jack Holmes , Jamal Lawrence, Michael Asheton, Aiden Bonehill, Dominic Perris, Ben Vallender, Brodie Goddard-Jones, Luke McMahon, Josh Hanley, Courtney Hamilton, Mark Ford, Tom Willett, Liam Harding, Ben Harris, josh Hanley

Swindon Town

Ben Tegg, Lee Marshall, Keiron Tracey, Oliver Hall, Brett James, Keiron Mace, Scott Montgomery, Liam McCormick

West Bromwich Albion

Aaron Basford, Tyreece Briscoe, Niall Wellington, Jonathan Palmer

Birmingham City

Ben McLean, Niall Drury

Aston Villa

Ross Langworthy

Club Service Awards

2005 – Tim Hall

2006 –Judith Langworthy

2007 –Andy Tickner

2008 – Alan Bonehill

2009 – Chris Rawlings

2010 – Dave Pritchett

2011 – Paul Basford

2012 – Andy Payne

2013 – Mike Flynn

Other Idividual Awards

 Pride of Gloucestershire Award – Ross Langworthy and Danny Gittings

2012/13 – GFA Young Coach of the Year Award – Dale Rawlins

2012/13 – Heart of Gloucestershire Award – Dale Rawlins

League Player of the Year Awards

2003/04 – David Hemmings, Gloucester Youth Association Football League U11 League Player of the Year

2003/04 – Andrew Clegg, Gloucester Youth Association Football League U12 League Player of the Year

2005/06 – Luke McGovern MGMSL U10 Player of the year

2007/08 – Matt Williams GYL U12 Player of the year

2008/09 – Stevie White GYL U14 Player of Year

2011/12 – Tyler Woodward MGMSL U10 Player of the Year