Code of conduct


Will listen to and follow the instructions given by their coaches.

Will observe all rules of; the game, fair play and safety. Do nothing which could harm themselves or others.

Will not use abusive words, criticise others performance, argue with each other, or the referee. Racist remarks constitute a red card.

Will practise and improve their football techniques in order to win by skillful and fair methods.


Will organise safe and well supervised training, appropriate to the age of the player, following the advice and instruction of the FA in accordance with all club policies.

Will give each player the maximum opportunity to enjoy their football in positive and supportive sessions. Encourage independent self-thinking play. The focus being on individual performance targets.

Will not pressurise players to win at all costs.

Will not allow unwell or unfit players to participate.

Will confirm by letter, details of matches, and ensure good communication relating to a player’s performance within their group.


Will ensure their child attends with shin pads, clothing suitable for the conditions, a drink and collection arrangements understood.

Will support the coaches by not issuing conflicting instructions from the touchline, criticising officials, or players.

Will not pressurise their child to win at all costs.

Will complete a registration form, pay the club fees/subs and ensure all relevant information is communicated to the club.

We expect all parents to contribute to the running of a team by taking their turn at various activities – such as collecting money, marking the pitch, putting up and taking down goals, washing kit etc

Please remember: The players are playing for their pleasure, not ours! Never criticise or publicly ridicule for errors or mistakes. Offer positive encouragement and an example of playing by the rules. Win, lose or draw, please support the decisions of the coaches and match officials. Abuse and criticism from adults on the touchline will not be tolerated at this club.


Spectators must stand at least ONE metre back from the touchline

Spectators must not obscure the linesman’s view or impede the game

Spectators must not stand behind the goal or attempt to distract players

No spectator should enter the field of play

The team manager and coaches should only cross the touchline, on to the   field of play, when invited to do so by the referee or linesman

The following will not be tolerated at this club:

Adults who make racist remarks. (Players or adult members who are proven to have made racists remarks will have their club membership cancelled immediately)

Abuse and criticism from any adult on the touchline

Aggressive ‘coaching’ and the issuing of instructions to players which contain abuse or an implied threat towards an opponent.

Coaches who verbally criticise or abuse their own players for mistakes.

Coaches and spectators who ridicule and criticise the officials directly or via an over-loud ‘commentary’ to spectators.

Please provide a positive model of behaviour by:

Congratulating skillful performance and effort by all players.

Recognising that our players are individuals who should be encouraged to realise their potential by positive advice and discussion before and after the game.

Recognising that every result is a learning opportunity for the young player and the role of adults is to highlight what has been achieved, even in defeat.

PLEASE: If you are the sort of person who finds the ‘red mist’ descends without warning STAY AT HOME. Adults who engage in abusive or racist behaviour at our fixtures, home or away, will also be reported to the GFA and if appropriate the civil authorities.

Remember, the youngsters are playing for their pleasure not yours!